The Continuing Restoration

Restoring the Worship of the New Testament

We continue our study by considering these three words: continuing, restoration, worship.

by Dr.Goshen Choi,Pastor


A. Continuing

B. Restoration--Nature and implications of restoration.

1. Nature. Consider the history of God's people. Restoration is at the center of God's work in human history. To our universal shame, human beings tend to drift away from the Creator God. None is exempt, Eccl. 7:20, 29; Rom. 3:23; Gal. 3:22. When man strays, God always seeks our reinstatement. Thus restoration is a beautiful melody of God's love and the recurring theme of grace. God's eternal purpose is the basis of restoration. These theme occurs throughout the Bible, in dispensations past as well as in the NT age. Restoration implies that we enter the world in purity as a child, but that we become marred through sin. Restoration is a return to the way God created us to live; restoration puts us back to a normal condition with God. Restoration brings us back to an unimpaired state or condition. This implies that God has a standard for us, a rule to guide us.

2. Therefore, I am assuming that it is desirable to restore NT worship, that is it possible to restore NT worship. This means we must go back to the NT.

C. Worship

1. Worship must involve God

2. Worship must involve an integrated view of human beings Worship must reflect our story, worship in some sense grows out of our story. Everyone has a story. Earlier this year, Dr. Jerri Nelson was rescued from the ice bound South Pole. This is a personal story. It made headlines in the news. Worship is likewise personal. I have a story, but I am part of a longer story. My faith is the faith of Paul, Abraham, Ruth, David. But since we share a common commitment to restoration or renewal of the NT faith, my faith is also your faith. 2 Pet. 1:1-3, like precious faith.

3. Worship must involve the spiritual man

4. Worship must involve truth.

In the Bible are principles, not specifics. In the Bible worship is situational: families in the OT, tabernacle/temple, small groups like house churches or families, larger groups like churches. Because the Bible describes worship in different contexts, it is easier to generate principles than specifics or patterns. Text: John 4:24 = principles.

5. Worship must involve culture.

A church that connects.


*. Nyskcian 1.Nyskcian으로서 꼭 외워기억해야할 말씀을 적어보세요 암9:11-15(11-12) 요4:23-24, 롬12:1-2, 히11:1-4, 2.Mission of Nyskc World Mission,은 어떤 기관입니까? 3.Theme of Nyskc :“ When the worship is restored, the church is r


"Nyskc Momentum Conference" *Nyskc Movement Staff를 세우기 위한 Momentum이다. 예배회복운동을 이루기 위하여 NWM은 매년 정기적으로 Family Conference를 열고 교역자(NIST & MH)는Forum에 참여하고 장년(NS)들과 청년, 청소년(NP) 아동 및 유년(NF) 들을 각각의 Track을 구분하여

모형과 원형

여호수아 20:1-9 1. 여호와께서 여호수아에게 일러 가라사대 2. 이스라엘 자손에게 고하여 이르라 내가 모세로 너희에게 말한 도피성을 택정하여 3. 부지중 오살한 자를 그리로 도망하게 하라 이는 너희 중 피의 보수자를 피할 곳이니라 4. 그 성읍들의 하나에 도피하는 자는 그 성읍에 들어가는 문 어귀에 서서 그 성읍 장로들의 귀에 자기의 사고를 고할 것이

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