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Thousands Experience Healings, Revival at Let Us Worship Events in Georgia

Last week in Georgia, thousands experienced the power of God during worship leader Sean Feucht's latest stop on his "Let Us Worship" tour.

According to CBN News, during the event on Wednesday in Dalton, Georgia, one man shared his testimony of being delivered from wanting to commit suicide.

"Michael was going to blow his head off by this parking lot in North Georgia tonight until someone found him," Feucht wrote on Instagram. "AND ONE GOD ENCOUNTER CHANGED IT ALL!!!!!!! FROM SUICIDAL TO SAVED, BAPTIZED & SET FREE!!!!"

The man, only identified as Michael, explained how he was on drugs earlier in the day and contemplated suicide. But now, he has given his life to Christ and was also baptized during the event.

The praise team prayed over Michael, asking God to heal him from his pain and suffering.

"I've never seen anything like this before," Michael said. "I feel good. I've never had anything like this happen."

"He got delivered, saved, baptized and is now entering discipleship with local leaders," Feucht added.

On Thursday, the "Let Us Worship" tour went to Thomasville, Georgia, where more people received Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

"Profess His Lordship over your life," Feucht declared over the crowd. "This is a historic moment for South Georgia. Thank Him tonight."

The event also broke out into a "Jesus jam" where worshippers danced and sang together.

"This is how we celebrate mass salvations, healings, miracles, race barriers breaking down in the South, and revival breaking out!!!" Feucht wrote on Twitter.

The worship event then moved over to Mobile, Alabama, on Friday, where a woman was healed of a lifelong disease that kept her from feeling anything in her hands.

She explained how she was watching Let Us Worship from her home when she felt the Holy Spirit telling her to drive to make the one-hour drive so that she could attend the event in person.

"I touched the grass, and I felt the grass and the dirt," the woman said. "I could never get over it totally until tonight."


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