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Hillsong Church to Pause Church Operations in Dallas, Texas over 'Leadership Failures'

Hillsong Church will pause operations in their Dallas, Texas location over leadership failures, Religious News Service reports.

Brian Houston reportedly told RNS that "Many factors, all amplified by the pandemic, have resulted in the difficult decision." This comes as Reed and Jess Bogard, the lead pastors of the Dallas location, both resigned unexpectedly during a Sunday morning stream.

"Reed and I have been talking now over a period of time and we both agreed it would be a perfect time for them to come to a new season in their life, which means a new season also for Hillsong Dallas," Houston told RNS.

Houston added that the decision to indefinitely pause operations at the church was made after an internal investigation found that the church wasn't living up to the commitments and standards of Hillsong Church.

"It was very disappointing to learn that, while some of you experienced the Bogards as dedicated pastors, many others have experienced leadership that failed to meet the commitments and standards of Hillsong Church," Houston reportedly said in an email obtained by Religious News Service.

This isn't the only shake-up at Hillsong. Christian Headlines previously reported that Brian Houston resigned from his position leading the global church operation, citing that he wants to make way for younger leadership. This happened at the Vision Sunday church service.

At the service, Houston stated, "I've been doing a lot of soul-searching and praying and thinking about the future and the way ahead, what life looks like for a church moving forward.

For Bobbie and I, moving forward and I guess globally we've grown so rapidly and it's been really a time when what has become clear is we need to put a whole lot more structure into what we're doing globally." He also said the denomination which they founded 24 years ago has become "unsustainable" for he and his wife to manage alone.


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